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  1. Oh cmon, that's a real weak argument.

    And no need for the sarcasm.
  2. oh right, cat-girl!

    and yeah, you're probably doing a lot of little boys a big favor who have a parental lock on their computers!

    way to go, Legend!
  3. Cat girl, cat girl.

    But yeah I don't think anyone cares
  4. but everyone seems to understand a fox-girl shoving her butt in your face...

  5. mucho gracias senorita

    About the sig, No one seems to get the Ugly Dolls one
  6. first off, i paid it today so it should arrive at mi casa by (the earliest) tomorrow or Thursday, probably! and i'll zoom it off to you via priority shipping! sorry if you smell...




    your sig?
  7. abu is the soap ready yet?!! XD XD I need them or I can't shower x_x lol
  8. lol Because I have Big Toe. My friend bought a bunch of it and I picked it out. Coincidentally, the description is so like me.
  9. Hey Legend! the Sosh and i were wondering why come you got an Ugly Doll avatar!

    ^o^ iz lovez thez uglyz dollz!!
  10. yo abu you there?
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