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  1. hey Legend! sent you god-sister's stuff today! it should be there in 6-10 business days!

    ToT super sorry again for the wait! hope she likes 'em!
  2. YOU KNOW IT! XD HAHAHAHA took me so long to find something like this too. Search engines nowadays stink.
  3. you do realize how awesome your new avatar is, right??
  4. i've been looking and none yet! if by friday it has not come, then you can decide whether or not to send another...

    =_= and of course that will be the day when you're first check comes...

    sorry Legend! i guess the posting holiday shipping is a biggie... i sent something to AVON on December 23rd and it didn't get there until the second of this month... and the city it's in is like almost the same county as me...
  5. any signs of the check Abu?
  6. lucky you you guys got teddy bears for neighbors :P
  7. here's Soshi's:

    Name: Foxer
    Town: Faraway
  8. oh! here's my info in case you need it

    name: Puppy
    town: Pancake
    code: 3265-8574-3378

    gate should be open in a couple minutes!
  9. ah, you must have missed it

    town: Oppai
  10. oh! but i do need your town, name, and code!

    please and thank you!!
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