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  1. \(^o^)/ that sounds like so much fun~ and super congrats on the sweaters!

    we've been doing good! we just came back from a small family trip to Solvang (little town in the middle of CA), and today we're going on a double-date with my niece and her boyfriend~
    (we're praying it's not stupid and boring becuz they're 12, and yeah. . .)

    and we only agreed becuz my niece asked us to, and she hasn't been that annoying lately, so yeah~
  2. Wow; that was smooth.

    Anyway! I got me new sweaters. *hugs them* so that made my day, oh and I am going to go see Ponyo with my brothers. =D I can't wait.

    How are you these days?
  3. Hi Mr. K~
  4. =O jhat?!

    No HI? X D

    Hii! Abu!~
  5. Me me? Well, I got this big test on friday, so I thought I'd take my mind off it, and come online. =D It's not working. I got another internship. o_O At another Lab. YES!! This ones smaller, but it could help me get a Job at SGS's. At least I would hope! >.< !!

    But it's only untill I finish up on things.. >.> In another class/ *cough( once I do that~ I will be looking for other things. Yesh. >,< Maybe labs aren't me future. I don't know. But I hope. I need to choose now thou. So when I get started I won't feel how do you say. "Bored" =D...

    How's Abu?
  6. Hey Mr K! what's up? how's life treating you? well i hope!
  7. Ec ho:: "ello Ab u"
  8. ^o^ oh no! of course not! Abu kept forgetting to respond!

    ( ^O^)/ yay! souvenirs! the tackier the better, in my humble opinion~
  9. *blinks*

    Did I do something wrong Abu?
  10. *waves*


    =D So like I am broke but I have Alaskan souvenir for you two. =D

    Then I send you letter. You see I bought a new laptop; yes indeed it was neat. It was for my father && it got stolen, and well another story. No money right now. I get paid soon, so you'll see them soon. We have so many souvenirs up here, I didn't know which one to send. o_o There was this one with a bell and it' says "That; will keep the bears away" or something like that, and I just thought that was mean.
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