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  1. I dunno. They're crazy cause I'm happily taken. Too bad soooooo sad. *giggles*
  2. oh! that sounds reasonable!

    ^__^ or you could always draw a smiley face over your actual face!
    hmm... that might ruin the feeling of the cosplay though...
    ^_^'' and i guess a blackbar over the eyes wouldn't do much better...

    dang! why can't the stalkers and such just bugger off???
  3. I'm a little wary of putting pictures of anything that could identify me on the net. Gets dangerous with the stalkers and what not. But I'll try to remeber to upload some from my drive at home. Then you can see what I made.
  4. gah! (=_= ) another reason why i need a digital camera! not to be somber, but most of my best stuff is buried along with Dearly Departed family members, but i have my best one! a little phone case with a little Fox Face!

    ^o^ do you have your cosplay pictured anywhere?
  5. I couldn't stand to sell em for money. It would break my widdle heart. I'll probably make them for my children and my friends but not to sell.

    That sounds so awesome. You gotta show me pics. Plz!
  6. awesome! ^_^ my boyfriend says you could make some serious money off that!

    ^_^ i've been sewing since like... 6th grade? it's been on and off throughout that time, and is more off now since my sewing machine hates me. but i enjoy sewing pillows and toys and things like that! but i'd love to move on to more advanced things.

    ^o^ and cosplaying always sounds fun~!
  7. *giggle*

    I sew just about anything. I learned how when I was about 8 or 9 si I've been sewing dresses and the like since then. In the last year or so I've been doing cosplay outfits ^_^
  8. *reads profile*

    ^o^ oh my gosh! i love sewing, cooking etc etc etc! what kinds of things do you like to sew???
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