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  1. Yeh, just send me a reminder.

    we are still at school though !!
    it's like 10:45am over here... and we usually get home around 3pm...

    so, do you think we could come over by 6pm-7ish your time?
  3. Come over then sillies.
  4. Oh Cool!

    can we come over tomorrow then to oogle and ogle at it?
  5. Today if you want. Though there isn't really anything special lolz.

    My Nook's store is closed today for renovations. YAY CONVENIENCE STORE.
  6. Hey Sazuka!

    ^o^ when can Soshi and me visit your town?
  7. \(^o^)/ did you get mah letter yet (in Animal Crossing)?

    did ya?
    did ya?

    did ya?
  8. Yes Come To Narnia
  9. Hey Sazuka!!
    \(^o^)/ have you gotten the new Animal Crossing yet???????

    we can PM friend codes and have parties! and it will be great!!!
  10. "I was thinking... if our ears were in our armpits... Would we have to raise our arms to hear people talk?" - Jon Arbuckle (2008)
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