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  1. ( ^O^)/ nice to see ya again, NoKage! it has been a while! super props on the new PC!

    and thank you for the cut-out things! those will be fun around Christmas time!
  2. Sadly there are worse things out there...

    Anywho, long time no see. I havent been on due to my PC...though I'm going to get my new one in a couple weeks, I decided the hell with it and pay up for a new PC.

    Random stuff:

    I think you had the Tsukasa figma figure right? They put up DL of paper craft accessories and BG stages

    ( *^-^*) what will they think of next? ?
  4. Yup, already wrote my thoughts on the matter in my random thoughts thread in my journal I just need the money. (TvT)

    All these new Lucky Star and K-On! goods arent making it any easier either.
  5. \(^o^)/ AHH! ! TOO CUTE~

    sorry about your dying computer though! are you thinkin' of getting a new PC or Laptop?


    Thought that you'd like know. BTW, sorry if I've been out of touch...I've been getting limited connectivity on my PC so I can barely get online. (T^T) Currently looking into getting a new PC
  7. ( ^o^) you might have already seen this, but here's an update on the nendoroid-dollies of K-On~

    the site~
  8. Thanx, I've known that the game was in production but I havent seen anyone take pre-orders on it yet so..especially since its due out on 12/24. I'll just have to check with them to see if thats the standard or the DX version with the goods...cuz $80 for the standard is pretty steep, even for me. (@_@)

    Oh, and happy be-lated birthday. I'd have done something PC went out on me. (T^T) Finally got the thing working again today so. ^^;

    thought you might like to see this! !

    *shines* so cute~
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