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  1. Yup. *goes to open gates* Check in after a couple minutes. And PLEASE, bring apples. I've only got oranges and peaches. *I'd give you the peaches but I just took and planted them all today. Sorry T^T
  2. ^_^ is it cool if i visit your town first? i can bring apples!
  3. Legend is a no go, Soshi, or my town?
  4. Sure, that sounds OK via me. Ooh, but yeah, lets go bother Legend. XD *goes to send a message*
  5. Soshi says we could go to his town, but he hasn't been there in a while... so there's going to be weeds and mail and gyroids everywhere....


    wanna see if Legend will let us visit him? i need pears!

    pray the internet doesn't crap out on us!
  6. Nice, Soshi is out enjoying himself eh? LOLS

    Sure, whose town would you rather visit? Me or yours? Or perhaps we can get Legend to play too
  7. Nope! not particularly!

    Soshi is making stages again in Halo 3 (he finally got a wireless thingy so he can join xboxlive and avoid everyone, yay!!)

    but i'm just shmoozing around AO, town visiting? where to?
  8. hey, busy?
  9. NVM, now trying my town, gate is open if you're bored. Xd
  10. Hey, trying to visit Sazuka's town. Wanna join?
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