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  1. I dont see how that makes you an loser. If anything you've given me yet another reason to look forward to getting the game...wait, you can trade designs right!? Find some other fans out there and you'll be popular. LOLs. BTW: Did you make the winter or summer uniform? Winter = Pink, Summer = Blue
  2. (>_< ) i'm officially a loser, Shinku!

    ( =_=) i made the Lucky Star uniform in Animal Crossing... it took a long time cuz you can now design the front, back and both the sleeves...

    (º_º ) i even put the little bow in the back...
    (._. ) Soshi laughed at me..
    ( ^^) oh well! he still likes me! and admit that i'm his girlfriend! yay!
  3. Not sure til I read them. The first novel is supposedly about a murder mystery. (0_0)!!!! The second one is supposed to be based on an RPG world I guess, as for the third one its focused on Fairy Tale themes. To add onto that I got volume #3 and 4 of the manga.

    The "Tales of ****" series are great. Personally I liked Symphonia and Abyss. Symphonia was animated for OVA and it was pretty good, and Abyss was just recently made into a TV series as well. Yay~ \(=w=)/
  4. *is jealous of the Lucky Star novels*

    ^_^ what are those things like anyway? (i've never gotten to read, sadness!)

    yeah, the Tales game looks good, but Soshi is all about Tales of Destiny! but, got no clue about that stuff either!
  5. Grgh, $69.99....guess I'll wait til X-mas, that way my sister will ask for it herself and I'll just play from there. I'm kinda tight on cash...or not, just that I've done more spending again. (^_^); Just bought me self a batch of manga and light novels including Lucky Star.

    OMG!!! The new Tales of Symphonia is already out for the Wii!!!? Uuurrrr, that just moved AC:CF to #5 on my "Wanted Games" list. (-_-);;
  6. oh yeah, you get the regular for $49.99 and the WiiSpeak one for $69.99.

    which is a pretty good deal what with the WiiSpeak channel coming out in December.
  7. ...well I havent gotten it yet. ^^; Still kinda thinking on it so....but hopefully by the end of the month. BTW, does the game come with the microphone speaker thingie? I saw the game at the shop but it was in regular casing so...did you have to buy it seperately?

    But yeah, I'll drop a line when I get it. ^^
  8. We just did! and we'll be firing it up as soon as Soshi wakes up!

    ^o^ we could visit each other if it's not too weird! hopefully it won't be as troublesome as Brawl was. but Soshi has his own connection now! yay!
  9. Yup-yup, Zange is indeed Nagi's little sister. Two beautiful idol gals whom happen to be sisters...damn you anime, is there anything you havent done yet!? LOLs

    BTW: You gonna get the new Animal Crossing for the Wii? You can talk via microphone!!! (0_0) OMG!!
  10. hey look! Shinku has a new avatar and sig(?)!

    is that the Zange-sister chic?
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