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  1. to be honest, i only played the first ten minutes of the Wii version. the celestial brush is not nearly as smooth as it is in the PS2.

    And plus, it didn't have a lot of the soul that the first one had. in my opinion, Capcom did pretty good transfering it to the Wii, but its heart and soul was in Clover...

    T_T Clover...
  2. Okami...its been a while since I've last played that game...than again I completed all the side quests and everything so. ^^; I havent had the chance to play the Wii version though, have you Abu? Is there any drastic differences between the PS2 and Wii version? (if you've played both versions that is)
  3. oh! that sounds pretty alright! it makes perfect sense in a way!

    ^__^ you know what else was good that also had goddesses, trees, worshipping, and impure lands.... Okami! that game is tight!
  4. Kinda..."Kannagi"'s main character Nagi is acutally an god whom has lost her divinity due to her sacred tree being cut down. The tree was an "icon" to the people, an object for the people to believe her and was the source of her power so now that it is gone Nagi is unable to clean the land of the "impurities" which lead to misfortune among the land., she decided to become an idol since idols get all the attention of everyone. 5 episodes in and she's already the idol of the school. Yeah...the story gets more complicated with the appearance of her sister, Zange. But I'll leave that for later.
  5. oooh! a pop-idol type anime? the computer i'm on has no sound, so gots to rely on images?

    is it actually good? or is it more of a fan service?

    That should explain the origin of avy.~
  7. Hey Shinku!

    ... O.o why do you have a stripper on your new avatar???
  8. oh my gosh, really? ^_^ Soshi played that game on the GBA a long time ago!
    had no idea that was a manga with that artist!
  9. From the manga "Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro". Its by Kiyuduki Satoko whom did the character designs for the game "Ygddra Union". (originally for GBA and is now renewed for the PSP, highly recommended)

    Its a real good manga. It has its heart warming moments but also has a "dark" feel overall as well. I really recommend it. Just two volumes and both are now out in the US.

  10. your new avatar sig thing is so cute! where are they from???
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