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  1. Awwwwww!

    maida = "my-dah"! like "may the force be with you"!

    T_T aw man... oh well, thanks for playing!
  2. (@~@)?? Sorry Abu, dont really get it...but than again I always lacked the sense of humor. ^^;
  3. Maida Force Be With You!!!

    ^o^ ahahahahahahahaaa! come on! that was a good one! i know you're laughing! i just know it!
  4. ...maida, who?
  5. Maida.

    (YAY! SHINKU IS GOING TO PLAY! Hootie-hoooo!)
  6. ...who's there?
  7. Hey Shinku!

    Knock-Knock! (yes you have to play! i found a good one!)
  8. hahaha! it's okay Shinku, i won't tell~!!!

    ^o^ oh! and i finally have a job now! you're now know an AVON Sales Representative! ya-hoo~!
  9. ...yeah, not much to post on these days now is there? ^^; (Dont think its something I should say as I'm AO Staff...but meh)

    Laptop died!? That sucks...especially with all the files being gone, if it happened to me than...I'd be f'ing furious. -_-;;; Thats now why I keep back ups in several seperate drives. Hope that you guys will be ok with a laptop down. ^^;;
  10. yeah, i've been getting back into posting too! well, at least on people's profiles and clans!

    =_= Soshi's laptop passed away so all our files are gone... it sucks but at least we're actually doing our homework!
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