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  1. Bored...seems like I cant find anything good to do with my time recently. I've been out of it since Code Geass R2 ended. I did pick up on some older anime titles along with some new ones so I'm starting to get into the posting and sig makin mood again fortunately. (Thank goodness that "Tales of the Abyss" made its way into an anime)

    Fable 2 you say? I've been busy spending my gaming time on "Kumatan-chi" and "Disgaea DS".

  2. Hey Shinku! not too bad, how are you?

    ^_^ Soshi and me have been immersed in Fable 2!
  3. Whats up Abu!? Havent seen you or Soshi in a while. Hope that you two have been doing ok. ~
  4. Hey Shinkz! no i don't think you have sent your Mario Kart Wii code yet, but we totally have to race! get ready to win! maybe... most likely! just not the Ghost Stage!!! =_= that stage doesn't like Soshi or me....
  5. Howz it going Abu? Thank for dropping by and leaving me a message. Hope that you and Soshi is doing OK. As for me...not really making that much money, just enough to get by and still buy anime and games on the side. Right now I'm looking at the Code Geass DS games, Pokemon Platinum, and Disgaea DS. Then theres the Lucky Star figma figures to add...its gonna be another busy month. LOL. ^^;

    BTW: We should race sometime via Mario Kart Wii...did I send you or Soshi my friend code yet?
  6. hey Shinku! what's up? i hope you're at least making a whole bucket of money!
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