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  1. Sure, I can try for it today. I'll be on for most of the remainder of the day so. If you dont see me here than than I'm probably playing. If you want specific time than try for 6~8PM for you guys over there as I'm gonna be up waiting to watch BLEACH later tonight anyways. LOL

    Congrats on getting the LS manga!!! If you'd like I can send you translations later on as I have all current volumes.

  2. aw dammit! just missed you! wanna try to plan it for tomorrow?
    problem is we don't know how long we're going to be available cuz we gotta go to a July 4th BBQ at the parents house~

    but let's see how it works out, okay?


    ... now if only i could read it~
  3. hey, you and Soshi ok'd for Mario Kart? *nvm, I just missed you. )XD
  4. LOLS, than you should give me next week's winning lotto numbers. If I win BIG I'll pay for you and Soshi's wedding (whenever it may be) and I'll even buy you guys a house and a car.

    ^you got this in writing so yeah. LOLS

    "BIG" as in I can pay for all that and there'd still be enough left for me to pay off my debt and move back to Japan and start a life. >XD
  5. >_< no... i think i'm just kind of psychic...

    like when my Mom was watching Deal or No Deal the other night, i knew the guy chose the briefcase with only $0.01....

    it comes and goes... and it's usually nothing important...
    ( ^o^)/ but i think that's for the best cuz the future is scary~
    (or so the TV always says...)
  6. Yeah, the original manga is like "Lucky Star" and is a 4-koma (4-panel) style. Unfortunately it doesnt seem to grasp attention like "Lucky Star". Though there's always the chance of a new season. Take the series "Minami-ke" for example, started out as a 12~13ep series than had two more additional seasons afterwards. *BTW, "Minami-ke"(Minami Family) is a good series to look up on as well.

    (O_O) Are you spying on me!? I just had spaghetti for dinner!!! *shudders in fear of Abu spying*
  7. O.O? only 12 episodes? such a short run! that's crazy~
    ( ^o^)/ seems like it would be longer than that!

    *random* you know what's good? spaghetti!
  8. Well the manga is still ongoing and you have to admit that it had a gorgeous cast, most of which are still very popular through other series. (such as Hirano Aya and Chihara Minori whom also star in the "Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya") I guess Yoshimizu-sensei is going in the lines of moving the story into the girls going into college. Apparently Miyuki is now a med-student...big surprise. >XD

    "K-On!" is awesome, it's got the "Lucky Star" feel to it, as its also a "slice-of-life" genre and animated by Kyo-Ani. Unfortunately this week's is the final ep....12 episodes and that's it. I just got the manga today too, awesomeness...not to mention the character CDs are being released today. Me and zyta have been hyping about "K-On!" for quite some time now. LOLS

    I love my new "K-On!" sig. *randomness*~
  9. ( ^o^)/ yeah, but am glad people still like Lucky Star~
    sometimes it feels like something is popular, but then everyone forgets it after the next big show comes out~

    speaking of which... how is K-On?
    ^_^ am going to start watching it once i get mah hard drive from Amazon, and want to know if it's a goodin~
  10. Yeah, they like to use her well endowed figure to their advantage now dont they? LOLS

    ...err, yeah, "Apple Mint" all honesty, "WTF!?". It's motor oil, there's really no point in adding scents to it no? And yeah, the whole reason they made it is for the "tsuu-sha". (the so-called otaku cars)

    There are plenty other similar credit cards as well, such as "THE IDOLM@STER" Visa card. >XD

    They sure can be ridiculous at times huh?
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