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  1. (ToT ) it will suck if they're not sold publically, but wouldn't be surprised~

    that IS a lot of colaborative work!
    are people just getting in the mood to work with each other, or are they running out of ideas?
  2. Ah, the 26th eh? OK than....*leaves you in anticipation* Who knows if I'll do anything nice for you two? Muwahahaha~

    Oh, you actually found the article of it eh? Nice isnt it? I'm just rather curious on its release. I dont know if they'll be sold "publicly", as in if anyone can just pick it up in stores or online (I rather doubt that this will be it) or if it'd be an event item or a limited type item. For all I know they could release a Lucky Star x Street Fighter package...which in these days I can say that its a possibility seeing all the collaboration items coming out these days. There was the "Tatsunoko vs Capcom" on the Wii and just recently they had a new game for the PSP which is the Shonen Magazine vs. Shonen Sunday characters: Sunday vs. Magazine

    *cough*...yeah, I know I'm pushing Himeya a LOT but they honestly deserve it. XD A good chunk of my income goes to them...just bought me a bunch of manga, etc again. ^^;

    Than there's also the anime first: Lupin lll vs. Detective Conan (aka "Case Closed" in the USA) Its the FIRST ever anime collaboration in which two series with absolutely no connections to be featured together. They're both by different creators, published in different magazines, made by different studios, etc. It's an highly anticipated film upcoming in Japan.

    found some primary sketches of the dollies!!
    now i have to get the Miyuki/C. Viper one!!!!!!
  4. oh the bunny was done by "Konata"?? that's so cool! i've seen it before!
    it's on the overpass in East Asia~
  5. you are very warm, it's the 26th! but ya don't got to worry about it~

    <-- though Crimson Viper was super cool~
    oh, but who to get?????
    can't get all of them, too expensive.... GAH!! SUCH COOL NEWS~
  6. BTW: When exactly was you and Soshi's anniversary? I think that its coming up in a week or two right? I tried looking through my old PMs (which is quite a task as I almost never delete PMs from good inbox is 90%+) to you guys but I cant seem to find the right date. Its looking like somewhere between the 21st~25th...warm or cold?

    ~ (Just dont expect anything fancy)
  7. Awww, you remembered. Coincidentally I tried to buy the set for the first of the series on HimeyaShop the other day but couldnt find it even via their custom order....(-_-) *And yes, I know Jbox has it along with other sites but its just easier for me if I can get things all together from one site* But I did however score the awesome soundtrack CD set of the game!!! WOOOT!!! (the game has some seriously awesome songs, as to be expected from its genre)

    Speaking of Nendoroid figures, did you know that they're doing a Lucky Star x Street Fighter nendoroid collaboration? So far it seems that the following characters will be:

    Konata = Guile
    Kagami = Ryu
    Tsukasa = Ken
    Miyuki = Crimson Viper (or whatever the name of the new original character from SF4 is)

    ^This happened cuz apparently Yoshimizu-sensei has "connections" with CAPCOM. So much in fact that Yoshimizu-sensei spilled some secrets of the game before the release and ended up with CAPCOM all over his ass. LOLS. On another note there is a graphic in one of the stages done by Konata (I dont know if this implies that Yoshimizu-sensei did it or if it was Hirano Aya). Anyways, its apparently a graffiti of a bunny on a bridge or whatnot.
  8. sorry i keep giving you these links!

    but they're from that pop idol thing you like!
  9. ^o^ yeah, it doesn't help that she looks a little off... to me at least!
  10. Yeah, saw the Konata USB a while back but $50 for it? Mmmmm, even I'm debating if that's really worth it....^^;
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