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  1. "Mainly due to his part in "Lucky Star", his character "Shiraishi Minoru" (yeah, HIMSELF) was one of the few male characters in the series and the #1 thing that I didnt like was that he took over the ED songs for the last half of the series...13 ED sequences all for himself. The SOB...."

  2. Animal Crossing...?

    .........(O_O) Right, I havent touched that game in a month or so. Mostly cuz I cleared up most of the town to my liking and that I finished expanding my house, though I still need to pay off the final loan.

    But thanks for the update Abu, maybe this weekend you can try and visit my town again?

    since they released the new DSi, they celebrated it in AC by handing out DSi benches!!
    the Pelican mailman waits outside your door and hands you a letter containing the bench!!

    ^o^ but don't worry! if ya miss it, already got mine so we can trade! and the best part, it's not a rare item so once you have it, you can buy it from Nook anytime!!

    just giving ya a heads up!

    P.S.: i got black, but if you got another color, we can trade!! if you don't mind

    (ToT ) WHAT ARE THEY SAYING!!!!!!?
  5. Seen it a while back, cute, but not on my list of "things to get" at the moment. I'm currently still obsessing over "Lucky Star", "Code Geass", and I'm really getting into the world of "IdolM@ster" that I picked up the PSP game for. (the one you took the character test for in my journal) add my spending $$$ is starting to get low, mainly due to all the spending I did in March. ^^;

    But thanks for the news anyways
  6. >it's not porn!!<

  7. thanks for helping make April Fool's awesome!!

  8. Cool, hope that you'll enjoy your Tsukasa figure paradise. LOL. As for myself I finally decided to pick up the figma figure of Miyuki so that I'll have all 4 girls of Lucky Star...but there's still a few I want to pick up from the figma line up...guess I'll have to wait. ^^;

    As for my blog....I stopped updating it back in November, just havent had anything worthwhile that I felt I should take the time to write it in. I'm hoping to get back to it soon though, maybe throw some more wallpapers, PSP themes, etc up there to see if I can any visitors. ^^; C'mon, its been up for about 2 years and I only gots around 5000 hits?
  9. Shinku! you don't write in English in your blog anymore! omg!

    it looks nice though~
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