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  1. yeah, i got the tiny one i accidentally ordered from eBay~

    but i get paid Tuesday, so that's when i'll buy it! and the seller is selling her for 5% off!
  2. Whats up Abu~? You get your new Tsukasa Nendoroid yet? XD
  3. The Moe-Drill game is EXCELLENT!! Just think Lucky Star meets either Brain Age or Big Brain Academy along with some extras. For most parts even you'd even be able to play it...except for the language and voiced dialogue games...which you wont be able to read and differentiate. ^^; Otherwise it'd be really awesome.

    I'm also looking into the PS2 version too. A Lucky Star dating sim? Win. Now all I needs is a Japanese PS2...which again I'm planning to order from HimeyaShop. ^^;
  4. oh yeah~!! i remember! that Moe-Drill game, right? that sucked!

    *checks Amazon*

    ah, they have Seasons 4&5 according to my short check, and even a preorder for Season 7! for a little more than $40~

    ^o^ and ya gotta tell if the Moe-Drill game is good! might try to give it a try and fail miserably!!
  5. eBay....I just never had good luck shopping from there. It seems all my orders through eBay keeps "disappearing"...really. The first thing I ever tried to buy off of eBay was the first Lucky Star DS game too...(T^T)

    ...that reminds me I need to pick that up too. ^^; Looks like Himeya is going to be taking ANOTHER custom order from me in the near future. LOL
  6. oh wow! that junk sounds awesome! especially the KonaxPatty CD~!!

    O.o you can't find 'em anywhere?
    how odd! i've seen them on eBay!
    i see the boxsets for a little more than $30 each, but i dunno how the price compares~
  7. Guess so...still, in the long run you'd probably be a little better off buying the bundle sets from sites like J-box or something.

    3 Tsukasa figures...nice. I'm still a Kagami fan though....ahh, but Tsukasa is still up in the top ranks out of all the Lucky Star gals. Speaking of Lucky Star...I cant find the new DVDs anywhere~!!!! Vol.4&5 is already out but NONE of the local stores have them!! Not even BestBuy!!! Its even backordered online!! WTF!!? *cries* I especially want vol.5 as the boxset comes with the Konata x Patty character song CD, its like the only Lucky Star CD I DONT have. (T-T)

    ....and yes, donating money is always a good thing.
  8. really? ah well, at least i wasn't completely gypped...

    gosh dang...
    ^^" should be more careful next time and not just charge in! maybedo some reseach before hand... ah well!

    at least now i'll be having 3 Tsukasa dollies in the future! that's still cool... right?
    maybe i could just make something trippy...

    and in the process of buying, was able to donate $1 to a Wildlife organization! that counts for something, doesn't it?
  9. Ooohh, I think that you actually got ripped off than...I think thats the Petit Nendoroid version. Similar but its slightly smaller with no moving joints. And $16 for it? yeah....most other sites handle the petit nendoroid figures for $7~10. (ofcourse you wouldnt know what you get as they're in "blind boxes")
  10. yeah... closer look... bought that wrong one...

    oh well, a good deal is still a good deal right? well, gosh dang...

    ^^" here's the one i'm actually getting --> go here!
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