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  1. OH NO!!!!!

    (ToT ) i think i bought the wrong one!!! it said "small assembly required" and i thought that meant she was posable, ya know... BUT SHE'S FROM THE FIRST SEASON!!


    (ToT ) oh well! it's better than nothing... right? gosh i'm retarded...

    but at least it wasn't $40 like the other ones were~

    *sigh* had a feeling...
  2. I guess now that you just have to wait til its actually released eh? I think it was at the end of this month so you still got a couple of weeks til you get it. Regardless, I'm jealous.

    I'd buy it myself but I'm a little tight on spending money...seeing as how I just bought a whole bunch of stuff at HimeyaShop...AGAIN. ^^;
  3. Hey Shinku!

    \(^o^)/ bought the Nendoroid of Tsukasa! for only $16.99 with free shipping!! the guy was having a sale~!!
  4. Yup, in the manga. She's in the same school as Misao. (Kagami's friend with the short brown hair and the fang) You have to remember though, in Japan you have to take entrance exams to get into "good" high schools and colleges so a character like Konata getting in is even more...."shocking". (That'd be a mean thing to say if she wasnt a manga character. LOL)

    Still havent checked out the OVA? Thought you did? Its most likely up on YouTube or you can find yourself a fansub online somewhere. IF theres gonna be a US DVD release its still going to be a while.

    Slice of Life genre anime = win. Series like "Azumanga Daioh", "Yotsuba&", "Lucky Star", and "Sunshine Sketch" are all great so I highly recommend you look into them. (They're all out in the US so) Theres one series currently airing in Japan of that genre called "ToraDora", its pure win.

    ~gots to go as its nearing 12AM here and I have to be at work in a couple hours...T^T. 'Night
  5. WHAT?? she did! she like took the time to enroll and everything? wow, good for her!!

    oh yeah! the OVA!! never got a chance to see it D: !! was it super coolzies?

    maybe it's so popular cuz it's everyday stuff, and how can you really hate "everyday"?
    and plus they keep coming out with cute dollies, so that must help!
  6. Nendoroids are pure win. (though I dont have any...yet) Usually "minor" characters like Konata's mom, Kanata, doesnt get an official product release but there are occasionally ones made by fan circles.

    Yeah, Lucky Star is still holding up quite well despite that the anime finished a while ago and an OVA release was made too...maybe, JUST MAYBE, there could be the possibility of a second season. Konata and the other gals did get into college...yeah, even Konata got in. (
  7. Nendoroid - Tsukasa <-- dunno if i'll ever get it, but isn't it so cute???

    and isn't it so cool that they have a dollie of Konata's mom?? didn't know they could do that~!!
  8. If anyone I'd say that Legend is the one buying stuff like that. LOLs. D;<

    Awww, fine. @^@
  9. well, Legend might think that way! ha ha! but really, i thinkz themz pillowz are t3h funnies~

    and super sorry, but Soshi's only that nice to his wonderful girlfriend
  10. *Gasps* oAO!!! Is that how y'all see me!?

    ....I havent had the chance to shop online recently as I'm suppose to be cutting back on spending due to my car problem. I've already missed out on so much. (T^T)

    Maybe Soshi is nice enough to give me money? LOLs. D;
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