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  1. finally! i was waiting for you to be done~!
  2. Hi hunny! I made a new journal post.
  3. ello~ Darling~

    how beez youz?
  4. Hey hun~! I'm bored... stuff is boring! Buuuu~
  5. Hey you!!! in your journal!
  6. ...but it's not a pink fluff stage with happy things everywhere, btw. So don't get your hopes up.
  7. Of course hun!

    Sorry I've been on an LBP rampage. Been polishing my skills/learning some new skills.
    Getting ready to make a masterpiece stage!

    ...and sorry I haven't let you see the "blank" stage I've been working on. I put it on hold to make those minigame stages.
    But once it's done, you can definitely try it! It's a special stage made just for you!
  8. hi Darling!! i wuv you Darling!!

    ... can i have Dr Pepper today??
  9. all done posting in my journal!
    am gonna call you on the house phone!

    i love you~!!
  10. ^_^ i don't mind at all Hun! am going over to check out your journal now!

    love you!
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