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  1. Hey hun. I played some LBP today (if you noticed my obvious journal entry)...

    ._. Man that game's intricate. Unless you have a blueprint, wingin' it's nearly impossible without obvious setbacks!

    ^.^ Anywho, just felt like bitchin' to ya. Hope you don't mind. Sorry your computer sucks, tho. I wuv u!
  2. hi Darling~!! what's up? ah! playing MGO i see, how's that going? really? that's cool...

    ^_^ hopefully pizza time is soon~!!
  3. Miss you too babe... all this "away time from you" is stressing me out... it's gotten me sick.
  4. posted on my journal...

    =_= i don't think this "work" thing is working out, Darling... i need a car...


    T_T i miss you, Darling~
  5. *^-^* hi Darling~

    have a good afternoon okay? i'll be coming over right after work!

    ^_^ and then we'll have fun, okay?
  6. Hey hun, awesome sig+ava.

    I forgot... was it me or you who thought of it? O_o

    ^_^ you're so amazing!!
  8. WHOO! GOT IT WORKING! I've been playing the LoTR demo. Fun as hell!
    It ain't perfectly smooth, but it's a lot smoother than before! ^_^ I wuv u hun!
  9. Workin' thru the night... been tryin' to get my 360 to connect to my NETGEAR extender... for some reason, it really hates it.

    =_= my eyes are tired from looking at screens.

    Gotta' get back to work. Luv ya' hun.
  10. Yeah I know. He's got some problems.

    .......... by some, I mean : Stupid.
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