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  1. so it was like space travel in all them space future shows?

    that's cool!

    oh, btw, your brother has like major issues...
  2. Magical. It felt like it was undiscovered. Many new lands to find, many new lands to claim, many new lands to conquer.
    It was fun finding all these new things and showing them to other people.
    Then in turn, they show you what they found.

    Then slowly but surely, the entire community have shared so much things, that they've built an entire network of websites that have not only become connected, but even have become friends.

    Lone sites never lasted long, but sites with lots of (working) affiliation and friend sites lasted to this day.
  3. aw, i'm sorry Darling!

    the internet feels like a place that has lots of cool things i can never obtain in any way...

    what was it like back in the day?
  4. Is it just me, or is our sleep clocks off?

    I don't really mind since I love night time, but you know - it's kinda' weird.

    Oh, and I've just been cruising around the net. Link-to-link, old school.

    The net's not as magically interesting as it used to be, it either seems too wannabe or formal nowadays. The formal's nice, though.
  5. hey! hey! hey!!

    "feel my magic"

    tee hee!! you're so funny!!
  6. HEY YOU!

    ^_^ your comics light up my morning light!!
  7. Hi baby!

    You so cute.

    How's THAT for posting?
  8. hey! poop head!


    >_< why didn't you post on my profile???
  9. hi Darling~!!

    it's pretty boring without you too...

    ^o^ here's to the new school year! and to its potential awesome-ness
  10. Hey you.

    I'm bored.

    Wish you were here.

    ...*sigh* So bored.
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