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  1. Ouch, whatta change. O.O

    ^_^ And of course hun, u just gotta' favorite shana logic on this comp's browser.
  2. luv ya 2 babe! Have fun! Feel free to text and call! ^.^ *kiss kiss*
  3. oh! p.s.!

    still have mah Shana logic wishlist if you ever need to see it! got lots of good stuff!
    oh, and you know the rainbow scarf you got me? how it was like $32, now it's $54!
  4. hmmm... i guess sooooo....

    "but that sounds dumb and boring" (it doesn't, just popped into my head)...

    man, i miss you, Hun!

    ^___^ guess after more than 48 hours of non-stop Darling, don't really know what to do...

    probably am going to head back to my room... might read the third book of the author my boyfriend gave me for Christmas...

    ^_^ awesome profile picture, btw!!

    wuv u!! *kiss kiss*
  5. Yeah I know. Especially without your Wii or PS2.

    You should try reading that 3rd book of that author that I got you for C-mas.
    Unless you don't feel like it.

    Anywho, gonna' go play some Crackdown, I'll keep this comp on AO in case you're still messaging me and I'll check like every 5-10 minutes, k?

    Luv ya, babe! ^_^ *kiss kiss*
  6. ^___^ aw!! yay!! and thank you for focusing more on Shana...
    T___T kinda lost hope for that place... it seems so much cooler than me!

    ^_^ and i did see your response! yay Darling! added something to it! hopefully it helped to illustrate your point!

    still dunno what i'm gonna do...

    you know what, Hun?

    ... my house is boring!
  7. Did you like my post in atomik's thingy?

    I'm just about ready to play Crackdown, but I'll still keep the computer on.

    Oh and as for your question: I'm more concerned in getting you something in Shana Logic than on that J-List.
    Why? Because you'll have to wait another group of months for me to care to get you something on J-List.
    ...just like when you had to wait for how long for me to care to get you something on eBay and Shana Logic.

    I'll still help pay for things, though.
    Just not directly get you something.

    Not for a while, anyway.
  8. hi Darling! whacha doing?

    ^_^ you need more girlfriend postage on your profile!

    (just to get my hopes up) would you ever think of getting a gift for me on the J site for like Anniversary or something?
  9. It's ready hun!

    And you're really cute.

    ...I'm talking about country stuff cuz I was reading a review on Kate Beaton's website about a movie she saw about some war in Canada.
    All the US-hating from commenters made me wanna' say somethin'.
  10. when can i read your journal thingy!!??

    ^_~ you're my boyfriend!! tee-hee!!
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