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  1. Certified Bitch Witch!

    Darling is a Certified Bitch Witch!

  2. it was when we first joined AO together! i picked that picture for you and you thought it was really cute so (either you or i) made it your profile picture!

    ^_^ you can change it though! i don't mind!
  3. ...what I wonder is... why do I have a kitty on a book for my profile avatar?
    And why is it that you have a fox avatar on your's?

    ...shouldn't it be the other way around? O_o
  4. Simmie-shake-a-to-the-right!

    do you know where that's from?

    Answer: Bubs' character page! yaya!

    ... you've been typing a long time, what are you syaing???
  5. Hey Darling! more people need to post on your profile, Hun~!!
  6. i love you Darling~!! maybe one day you'll post here again~!!
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