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  1. you mean like mods? AWESOME! let's bring out the barbekegorator!
  2. :O No Wei!!!
  3. Darling is so pretty! Darling is so wonderful! Yes he is!

    \(^o^)/ YES YOU ARE!
  4. ...I miss ya'. How long will it take for you to finally get here? Edsel might eat all the chicken.
  5. that is AWEOMSE! Snake kinda looks like the Joker...
  6. Apparently there's some kind of mini-chicken thing here... Hopefully it's good'n.

    Oh, and if you don't mind, I favorited this:

    (>_< ) is there any dinner? yummies?
    puppy is hungwy... and wants to go to you...
  8. Your pops needs a........ pop in the lip! *POW* :O
  9. aw! i'm super sorry Baby~ could still read it though, but indenting would help~
    (my Pops is aggravating)
  10. I hate how many mistakes I had in that thing.
    I was just trying to make sure it wasn't indented... because for some reason, big messes are the only things people read nowadays.

    Blagh. **** that, I need to indent it. It's aggravating how messy that is.
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