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  1. tee hee! you're funny Darling~
    yeah, thank you for the luck! i needed it!

    good... summary? (^o^ ) you're so in depth, mah Sweetie~
  2. Really? You're going to try to read my topic?
    ... Yeah good luck on that.
  3. Hey hun. Wassup? Just playin' me some WotS2.
  4. In all honesty I'm more concerned about gameplay than class.
    The classes are adorably addicting to choose from, but I'm concerned about how interesting the gameplay is. ---it's like most free MMO games out there: The classes and characters are adorable, but how worthwhile is the game that you'd spend 80% of your day playing on 'em?

    I'm still gettin' it, but I'm just concerned is all.
  5. Hey Darling~

    you're reading right now! you're so sweet~
    super sorry that games have piled up again, but let's hope we get something good, yesh?

    do you know who you'd like to be in Class of Heroes?? and what your "major" would be??
  6. i'm sorry!!
  7. Blah! Why'd you turn off my alarm?!
  8. i wuv you~
    message mah message thing?
    it's fun!

    that sounds weird!!
  9. Lookin' in the wrong area.
    It's in the adoption-topic thing.
  10. I said fire cape. It's not a card. It's a cape for the character.

    And it's in Emo's journal, dummy.
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