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  1. ^o^ oh cooooool~

    where'd ya find it? is it old or new? hey! hey! i love you! is it here in the US?
  2. Browsin' the net. Found an anime I think you'd like.

    It's about a buncha' girls who are like all sentai-team-esque - but their powers are based off of butterflies.
    It kinda' reminds me of fairy musketeers.
  3. an alarm has been made!
    whacha doing~
  4. I'd prefer it if you setup an alarm. But I'll try to remind you as well.
  5. ^o^ tee hee! Darling is telling me to be late coming to him~

    would you mind reminding me?
  6. Sure, sounds good.

    I wuv u! ...go by your house after work, you gotta' check if my package came.
  7. hey Darling! i'm at the church library with my Dad!

    he wants one of those electronic Bibles that's like a $100...
    do you think i should get him one for his birthday?
    it's after Anniversary, and can tell him i'll get him a gift with the next paycheck (which would be a couple days afterwards)...

    whaddya think?
  8. Indeed.
  9. :high five:
  10. Hey dude do you like naruto.
    If you do you are invited to the nine tailed fox clan by me Naruto.
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