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  1. Ah... Well. I got sick and haven't been to school in a week now. The doctor said that I got a virus that have been spreading around or something. But thanks to that, I didn't have to go to school ^^ (I'm HAPPY)
  2. hahaha yea n thanks. so neway how r u doing? havent talked in a while
  3. Well. Guess that there is something good with the marine then. Wish you luck =^.^=
  4. its ok cuz they cant keep up with me cuz im a marine n they have nothing on me lol
  5. You don't need to care about them. Like the word goes in trought the right ear and out the left ear. That what I always do ^^
  6. hahaha yea ppl mess with me all the time saying im old n that i have a old mans mem lol but w/e
  7. Ha ha. Guess that some people really do have a bad memory... Even my friend. I just told her to call me, and some minutes later she called and ASKED what she WAS supposed to DO! That's a bad memory!
  8. sorry i have an extremely bad memory hahahahhaah im sry
  9. I told you. I'm 15 ^^
    Don't you remember? -.-
    It's true!
  10. hahaha nice well how old r u? my ex is 36 hahaha thats wat i get bein a marine
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