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  1. Eh... I didn't mean it like that. Cus' for me 20 are still young! So you are YOUNG!
  2. lol i am old im 20 im a marine n yea...............IM OLD
  3. oh, come on! You are fit like a ox! YOU are hundred year to early to be called old!
  4. tht sux i hate exams lol but yea u make me feel old hahahahaha
  5. Oh, I'm 15. The youth year XD. Many exams to take too...
  6. lol nah im doin great n im 20 how bout u? yea life is kickn rite now
  7. You must have it hard. -.^ btw, how old are you? You seem to be doing fine these day
  8. hahaha no but some chick said she was goin to send her redneck daddy after me
  9. Lol ^O^. Did some of them cry? You are soooo BAD XD
    I'm doing fine, And you?
  10. rock on ll neway how r u doin? I scared so many ppl haha it was awesome
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