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  1. Are you at school right now? Lesson time? Computer? Or are you at home?
  2. You mean your school or what? I didn't really get it, sorry *tear*
  3. opps sorry its 10:06 and 9:00................................................
  4. i have to go at 9:06am every day how wierd huh? my class gets out then i get on at 8:00am tho
  5. yeah lol! I tend to die my hair aout once a month it is fun but now it is reddish blonde I norrmally have almost wite hair
  6. Oh? Then is that the picture of you? *look up* Wow... x_X
  7. oh sorry I am 14 but every one thinks i act like i am 16 (and i look like it to lol)
  8. By the way, How old are you? I like to know how old my friends are ^^
  9. yeah this is great and i can get on during school unlike myspace 'lols' I just wish ihad more time online
  10. Yeah. I think so too^^ And there are so many people here XD
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