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  1. heh. me 2! i either learn it from the theme songs or the manga
  2. I'm not so sure. But I learn Japanese when I watch anime or manga.
  3. ohhh... u just need money 2 buy a program so, u can learn Japanese?
  4. Not right. I want to try study in another country, like Japan ^^ So I need money
  5. Ur moving 2 another country? when and where?
  6. But I have to save money and buy a new pc. And I have to save money to prepare to transfer? ( Learn in another country )
  7. Yayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT! XDDD ^^ that's cool! ^_^
  8. I got to play my big sis pc when she work and lill sis pc when she don't play. We have our own pc ^^ Even thought mines dead...
  9. ouch! wait! how are you talking to me then? U have another computer?
  10. Yeah. I know. I got a knew pc after that, but he is dead too... =_=
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