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    See that? Thats the line. You're about to cross it and get an infraction for insulting members.

    And no, becuase I closed ALL of them for breaking a rule, which makes it their own fault.

    Now this conversation is over.
  2. do you regret any of those times whe you chrushed people's dreams and thoughts?
  3. little under 200, why?
  4. hmmm.... can I ask you this:
    how many threads have you closed? not today but as your time as a mod.
  5. Ideas have a time and place, and I'm not mean, I'm blunt. If they can't take someone elses point of view, they shouldn't be on an internet forum, where they will see differing points of view.

    And if this is about the recent closure of threads today by me, then maybe the people who started those threads should follow the rules and I wouldn't have to close their threads.
  6. why do you have to be so mean to people and their idea's?
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