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  1. *pester pester*
  2. 'virgin' eyes my ass
  3. speaking of me making up words, perhaps that will be my alternative to the use of "profanity" here at AO. What do you think about femog (female dog)? Nah, nobody would get it.
  4. How come everybody wants to be yer friend ace? Aw! you deleted my last comment! pish posh.... I don't hold you giving me infractions against you.... never that.... So don't hold them against me either... Especially that last one, you know that was unintentional.

    So uh, whats your favorite food? Who's your favorite artist? And whats your favorite book? And WHY?

    This is my attempt to get to know you.... I like you.... your standoffishness (yes I make up words) is appealing to me. Not just that, but you are honest and strong willed. Good triats... I am determined.
  5. I'm an army brat. I was raised not to take crap from anybody, no matter what it is, and to never back down from anything.
  6. Well I know you denied my request for AO friendship *sniffle*. But I gotta say, I enjoy your presence here. You're witty. And I did take a legit liking to your art. You don't seem like the type to be intimidated by a challenge. So when I challenge you, understand it is out of boredem not dislike.
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