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  1. and i ment like the instant messengar
  2. lol no im on summer break
  3. hey lol wats up how are you and fine dont tell me your name anyway got msn? or aim
  4. Hmn?~ . . .
    *deep breath* *sigh* ... It can't be helped. Just call me Adarrah- you'll get used to it *nod* +.+ *blink blink* Oh, you watch Clannad? Last week, I watched the anime with my sisters at home. Maybe if you don't have the time to watch it, just buy the manga. What kind of anime do you like?
  5. no u dident tell me lol you havent told me anything rly just smile at me and disappear and ask me questions of coarse lol
  6. im 17 lol and i got it from megaman im a gamer lol and he is cool btw how old are you anyway and wat about your name
  7. Yes, I'm aware of that, Zero... Hmn *blink blink* . . . Are you really that old? I got some friends in AO who sound very much like a younger kid. I dunno, maybe I've known them since 2006(?) lol. Hey, is it a coincidence or what(?), why is your username Zero? You read Vampire Knight or something?
  8. haha that was an old message anyway wats up lol havent talked to you in a long time
  9. Oh, this is my 3rd post for VM ^_^ -PEACE!- I think it's very live in here, Zero. Just curious T.T
  10. What do you mean by that? . . Uh, in Malaysia(?). Don't you know I live miles away from you? What a bonus question *sigh* . . .
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