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  1. i hope you do, there's a lot more going on on either story line, too and more freedom
  2. ohhh i think it sounds fun maybe ill give it a shot
  3. changeling is set in a different world where the quantum energies have warped your char. underworld is set in this world and for the most part, you get to play a were, vamp or something like it
  4. hmmm ill check up on that......just a quick question wat is that?
  5. i work at wal mart now as night grocery stocker, full time job, $8.30/hour. and I'm glad to hear from you again. btw, you might want to look at the rpgs changeling and underworld. they pretty much give you complete control ove your char.
  6. ohhh i thought you guys would be pist at me O.O???!!!! and wat kinda job do u have?
  7. hey, don't worry about it. i understand. i haven't been able to get on as much for awhile due to getting an overnight job
  8. ist been giong ive been going throught some tough one of the reasons why i havent been on in a long tell kiani i said sorry about not being in the journey and stuff
  9. how has everyhting been going for you??????????????????????????????
  10. No problem at all. Tht's what friends do for each other.
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