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  1. game thanks for holding the fort for me while i was gone on the journey man...phew i was scared to comeback even online lol thanks again man i owe you one man....ohhh and i just posted one and i think youll like it later XD
  2. Hey there, big guy! New post for you to read and respond to on Journey!
  3. I had puter troules last night. How are you doing?
  4. ohhhhh coooooooll thatnks and man where have you been ive been so bored lol
  5. It should be under edit profile. at least I think that's where I did mine. So how's everything going?
  6. also i got a question how the hell do you post your signature i mean i want to show it like people do when the post or reply something
  7. and now i finished the character discription so now im good XD
  8. yes it did...took me a while to get it but it you think its weird to have split personality to be a character
  9. Did that help any? I can't wait to see your character.
  10. It is under OOC chat under The Journey (character thread). Hope that helps.
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