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  1. Not right now i dont though it would be cool if did but i guess if some one was intrested i wouldt mind having a relationship. but for now im just here enjoying the moment. how abotu you you got any one specail?
  2. Thank you Holder, that is kind of you to say. <3 So, any special lady in your life? =D
  3. yeah it is awesome outside i cant wait for the wamr nights where you can hear crickets and stuff. though i guess i am an outdoors type of guy. im glad things are getting better for you and i hope things keep getting better for you.
  4. Things have gotten a bit better at least. But the sinshine and warm weather is quite beautiful!
  5. iv been doing good . right now im just enjoying the sunshine while its out. and its good to hear from you i hope things are going good for you.
  6. Hello, hello. Long time no see man, how have you been Holder?
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