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  1. Belated Happy birthday sorry its late ................hope you had a great one and hope your wishes come true
  2. thats good to hear ^-^ i like hearing good things from meh buddies T-T
  3. am okay i guess ....... pretty much same same
  4. Well hello there long time no speak eh? how was your summer?
  5. poke! jsut dropped by to say hi!!!!!!!!!hope all is well
  6. Hi jess hope you enjoy the weekend ! and hope you re ok
  7. just remember anything you can't solve time will solve it for you. sometimes we just have to wait.
  8. sorry to hear, i am currently in a relationship..but because of whats happeneing irl i am worrying him T.T
  9. coming from a break up well crummy am trying to deal
  10. coolio =D so hows life?'s kinda crummy..-.-'
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