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  1. Hello there! Long time no speak. How are you doing bud?
  2. Hehe, nothing better then the fine art of chilling xD
  3. Good actually Thanks for asking. I am just chilling at the moment
  4. Hehe ^^' other then that I guess, I am ok. How're you today?
  5. I guessed as much. I am not stupid you know even though I do act it at times
  6. It's alright. I'll just tell you it involves my parents and family issues ^^
  7. 'under certain circumstances' you say? hmm...I would love to dig deeper into that but seeing that your a friend and all I wont bother and respect your privacy.
  8. Ah, cool. I myself am living with friends under certain circumstances ^^
  9. its going good so far. I like it here staying in an apartment like room with a friend
  10. *college, hehe pardon for the typo it is currently 8:30 in the morning as I am typing this
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