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  1. omg are u ok and y does his parents not wont u guys together and how does roger feel about u guys and i hope everything gets better and if he truely cared about you he wouldnt believe his freinds about wat they said ....
  2. Same can't wait to leave and get home and go camping hopefully and I am finally sngle and not stressed out any more. *smiles*
  3. lol pretty good just been busy at school lol wbu ? anything new lol?
  4. Hey waz up its been awhile so how have you been?.? ^^
  5. Yeah, I am trying hard to work things out only problem is I have major trust issues with him and its gonna be awhile till he gets it back..

    So what have you been up to everything okay at your end?
  6. holycrap i hate when guys do that welll if he truely loves u he wouldnt be saying things to make u sad or cry about or have that feeling im sorrry i hope everything is ok
  7. Well he has been saying things that upset me and make me cry and say I have nothing to cry about... and says he likes his ex as a friend and loves me and never wants to leave me but idk its heart braking...
  8. ur dress sounds awsome and wats going on wat happen ????????????
  9. I got my prom dress! its all black and has a teal blue on it its so pretty! I love it! I wish I could take someone ease thou my bf has been a totle ass and jerk!
  10. lol same but people keep telling me to pick a dark purple lol
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