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  1. lol dang my smalll town is called groveland i really dt like it but sumtimes sumthing good happens here lol
  2. kool my best friend is there where you live.. but i dont know what part she is at now.. an i live in a very small town.. called fulton
  3. nice to meet u to im from california i live in a small ton wat about you?
  4. nice to meet you emily.. where are you from! im from alabama!
  5. lol sweet and my name is emily lol

    (50letters are annoying sumtimes lol)
  6. its kool.. but anyways my name is leigh what is yours?
  7. i like vampires but ive never watch vampire anime
    and im good too
  8. hihi i like vampire animes an some other anime an im good what about you?
  9. hi there . how are you ?wats ur fav anime ?
    mine is mostly naruto lol i like other ones to lol
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