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  1. tthat will be pretty im hpeing to dye my whole head purple or a bright or dark blue
  2. cool ^.^
    when i can , im gonna dye my hair turqoise XD
    i wonder what different ways can one dye there hair in .....
    theres the bang -dying like you did , then theres the whole hair dyeing ........
  3. i dyed my bangs blue and the ends are alil green ..
  4. oooh cool XD which colour did u dye ur hair ?
    i wanna dye my hair too , but my hair is too weak so yea, i hve to wait till strengthens or something XD
  5. i dyed my bangs and omg i wish i had a friend name gaara omg i would love that!!
  6. ur happy for??? ^_^ what happened ?
    oh and i have a friend called gyaara XD reminds me of gaara XD thats what i call her XD
  7. i know right and im sooo happy right now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .
  8. so true they are and omg im soo happy right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. its humongous!!!! like super big !!!! i know eh ? schools ar elike just happening places for drama lol XD
  10. owow and my skool is okay just alot of drama and bs lol and is ur skool big?? and i have amazing new friend name bekah lol
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