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  1. hey wuts up ?
  2. O.o wow, that dosen't seem preppy at all lol... .
  3. No it's black and grey long sleeve.yah huh I don't get it
  4. lol seriously? Preppy as in how? Pink or something? lol ^^
  5. cuz one of my striped shirts is suposedly is preppy
  6. but now my friends say i dress like a prep.i get mad when they say that
  7. lol yeah, neither are mine. And the same thing happens at my school. Some of the people there scare me lol....
  8. my pants arent that tight.but all my friends tease me and say im was worst when my friends were all meXican.cuz they all looked gangster
  9. So true! I love what they whear, because I basicly whear the same style .
  10. but emo stuff is there close and accessories and even there myspace layouts
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