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  1. lol yeah, the same happens with me and my friends... .
  2. usualy my friends who are emo dont admit it.and my wanna be friends constantly reminded me they were emo
  3. lol it's okay, I'm sure you'll get better sometime~ !
  4. yah i never beat ONEof there gamesthere freakn hard!
  5. lol well, emo people rock...and the all have good hairstyles! I envy them sometimes.
  6. hah!i usualy straiten it when its friend karly calls me emo
  7. lol yeah, I've been playing it for a while. It's a good game, once you gte the hang of it lol....
  8. yeah!i love final fantasy.but i just really suck at it
  9. lol yeah, I kinda figured you were gonna say that...btw, do you know Final Fantasy???
  10. talking to you .
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