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  1. XD Oh I seeee. That's interesting, I never knew that. ;P Thanks
  2. Yeah, I adore Alice Nine so much! They rock big time...and LM.C is their official name, but they only announced once in an interveiw that LM.C stands for "Lovely Mocochang". Though, they hardly ever go by that.
  3. Omg they so do. <33 Bill. XD

    And I need to get into Alice Nine. >;\ I've been meaning to but I just keep putting it off. P:

    What's LM.C. stand for?
  4. lol XD yeah, they both rock. I love Bill and Tom...they're the best! And Alice Nine and LM.C.
  5. XD; Sorry about the really long delay with your friend request. I've just been kinda on haitus from school.

    C: But I see you like jrock and Tokio Hotel. >D So do I.
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