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  1. lol, perhaps i should add you?..............................
  2. kk ill go add you now if I dont get lost....>.> lol XD im slow...
  3. I have Yahoo email or Messenger or w/e can add me on there if you want! What's yours? ^^
  4. lol yea. gaia helps. but anywho, do you have aim or yahoo? i;d like to get to know you a bit more.
  5. Yeah, I'm trying that. I hope it works! I want to see what the dragons look like lol...
  6. lol, mine normally hatch like almost last minute.

    i would suggest putting them in different sites you belong to.
  7. lol oh okay~ Hm, you know those little dragon things you have in your signature??? I'm trying to save mine lol...^^'
  8. im not bad miss akura. just a tad tired from work this morning, but other than that i'm just ducky.
  9. That's a MISS Akura to you, mister! lol XD jk anyways, I'm good! How about you? ^^
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