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  1. Lol I don't have the money to get the tickets which sucks because I am totally head over heels in love with cute...XDD
  2. awww, ur so lucky! I saw them when they came to Houston, and I need to buy tickets for Dir En Grey concert...@.@ Man, imma be broke here soon lol...
  3. Lol haha I know what you mean XDD I am soo happy!! Tokio hotel is going to come to my city and perform!! lol

    Ich liebe dich! <3
  4. Yeah, so true...I hate Calculas or however you spell it...I have so many problems in it! @.@
  5. Lol hehe Aww Me too XD Oh well school keeps with booked with alot of HW so it's all evened out
  6. Ohhh, yeah, I saw the picture! Well, I'm glad your happy~! ^^

    And I've been soooo bored, it's not funny...O.o lol XD
  7. Heyy I am pretty amazing I am pretty much in love with my bf XD lol plus I am doing ok, how are u?
  8. Hi ryo! I'm back~ Yay~ I just came here to see how've you been since I've been gone! ^^
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