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  1. An interesting talent you have there, being lazy 98.9% of the time, thats impresive.
  2. lol Well, either way. It's still funny. And yeah, I feel like being lazy 98.9% of the time...that's just cause I'm me lol XD ^^
  3. Thank you, I enjoy knowing my smart ass coments makes people laugh... Or type lol... As for part two of my plan, I will think about it later... I feel like being lazy.
  4. lol XD You're really funny, yeah. And well, good luck with that! ^^
  5. At least I managed to get a "lol" out of you... On to fase two of my diobolical plan... I will get back to when I think of it...
  6. Well, it deffinatly was...ah...diffrent? lol XD But it was sort of funny in a way!
  7. Nothing much. I felt like just giving you an akward greating... Normaly I dont say anything at all.
  8. Oh, hi! It's, uh, nice to meet you too! ^^ lol so, what's up? ^^
  9. It's a pleasure to make your aquantence. *Takes hat off and bows deeply*
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