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  1. Awww your so lucky! I have to stay home and watch my friend's little bro, who I call Sasuke...but he's 11 and acts like he's 6...-.- so this should be fun lol
  2. Yeah, AO is like a 2nd home huh. I've been doing okay. Just been getting ready for this weekend. I'll be going to Dallas for the weekend, time to party!! XD What about you?
  3. Ja, it's just good to be back. I forgot how much I missed this place lol so how've you been?
  4. Really? Hmm guess the owner got rid of it. Really? Hmm, well I mostly just chat nowadays on here with a few ppl lol. So I guess I haven't noticed the chnages lol.
  5. Yeah, because I can't find the linkto it...^^' I am so lost...most things are so different from what I remember lol
  6. I'm sure ya did, nothin's really changed though..well nothin i've noticed lol. Hmm not 2 sure really. Haven't seen anyone use it in like 4ever. Guess ppl 4got about it, probably.
  7. I sure am glad! I missed this place alot! Oh, btw, did they get rid of that chat thing that we used to go on...?
  8. Omg Akura!! Your back at AO!! This is great!! Bet your happy huh lol. X3
  9. Omg hey shini! I'm back! Message me sometime, yeah? ^^
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