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  1. Oh y aknow, it just makes me want it burn. =D
    How about yourself?
  2. evening Sithis. How has the world been treating you lately?
  3. interesting. i compare myself to a friend of mine as Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett! lol, completely different, but you know.
  4. Indeed! One of my FAVORITE ones is at the BAttle of Wu Zhang Plains where Zhuge Liang died, I believe Sima Yi found out, led his forces, yet ont he hill was a dummy in Zhuge Liang's robes with some men. Sima Yi suspected some clever strategy and fled.

    In reality...I compare my friend and I (Tetsanosuke Kimora or something on here) a bit to the relationship of Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi. While he is Zhuge and I'm Sima. Lol
  5. eh, life's life. it's a constant bitch, but i get by by giving it the ringed pimp smack of death, muahahaha.

    but yea, life is not bad atm. and i havent read the books, i only played the games. and i know some of the legends, like how Xiahou Dun ate his eye during battle with Lu Bu
  6. Figured I'd drop by, in response to mixing Star Wars and DW. Indeed, I'm a huge fan of both. I've read Romance of the Three Kingdoms, started watching the T.V show...and apparently coming out with a movie "Battle of Red Cliffs". BTW, how's life?
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