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  1. That sounds really tough, and I know tough. Well, on the bright side now you can talk to me and all your other friends here.
  2. i moved from all of my friends over winter break to a new school, so i don't actualy have any freinds here.
    i had an argument with my mom about it and i got grounded. no i'm in a year round school with American Airline security. But other than that i'm doing just fine.
  3. I'm tempted to ask whether or not you have friends where you are, but I won't and just ask how are you doing.
  4. i missed taking to you too.
    it's so boring when you have no one to talk to over winter break.
  5. That really sucks. I doing fine, just missed talking to you.
  6. i'm better now. i got grounded over winter break so i couldn't get on my computer.
    how are you?
  7. Hi! How are you, you haven't been on in a while.
  8. Hey, I'm back. So how are you doing, did you have a good Christmas?
  9. If you say so. Personally I don't think my luck is not that great.
  10. considering that you preform in concerts,have lunch before i do and wasn't forced to watch a super boring movie about water, i would say that you are very lucky
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