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  1. I never got that subject. I play percussion, the snare drum.
  2. It's about the properties of water.
    what are you playing in the concert?
  3. What is the movie about? I am a little nervous though. Tonight I have a big concert I have to play at.
  4. same here
    i'm stuck in biology watching a movie that's really boring
  5. I'm doing good. Bored out of my skull, but good.
  6. i'm doing better now, thanks for asking.
    how are you?
  7. Oh I see, that's good. The same thing usually happens to me when something pisses me off in school.
  8. So how are you doing? Has the whole teacher thing blown over?
  9. I'm not really in any trouble
    i just got sent to the office and had to go home
  10. I guess I'll have to keep that in mind. So how much trouble are you in?
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