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  1. I said "In case you haven't noticed i'm a human and prefer to be treated like one."
  2. Thank you, most people just say I'm crazy. What was it that you said to him?
  3. your funny
    that's better answer than i gave him
  4. Interesting. That does seem a bit rude to ask, although if he'd asked me if I was raised by wolves, my response would have been "I wish!".
  5. it was a sub for biology and he stared it
    he asked me i was even raised by my parents and if i was raised by wolves
    so rude
  6. Well that sucks. What teacher did you fight with and what was the fight about?
  7. My week was terrible
    i got into a fight with a teacher
  8. Why would I make fun of it? So how has your week been?
  9. You'll make fun of the name
    but since you asked, i got it from
  10. I like the attachment with your last message, what's it from?
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